Kitchen God


The Master Organiser 
Whatever you need, the Kitchen God will store it and present it with ease! These sliding racks with customisable holders provide the best kitchen drawer experience you could ever hope for.

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Are you looking for a storage space that can be easily integrated into any part of your kitchen? Having a large pantry or a walk-in larder is a great storage solution fort your food items, but accessing them often means that you have to walk away from the stove, which can result in your food being burnt or boiling over. The solution? The Kitchen God from StackHaus.

The Kitchen God has been designed to be the perfect storage solution for any kitchen, providing you with easy access to essential ingredients without you needing to walk away from the stove. The Kitchen God comes with different spaces that are designed to hold a variety of items, including knives, bottled goods such as oils and sauces and even chopping boards of various sizes, which each storage space being able to act as an individual basket, allowing to clean and customise your Kitchen God however you want.

If you’re looking for a stylish yet durable way to store a range of different kitchen essentials, look no further than the Kitchen God, brought to you by StackHaus.

  • Each basket is movable and can become an individual basket.
  • Adjustable knife holder, bottled goods holder, chopping board holds, hanging baskets.
  • Passes the German standard 50,000 times motion test.
  • Baskets are treated with four layer nanometer power spraying process giving it anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion properties.
  • Universal bracket can work with different base frame and different slides according to the cabinet size.

Additional information

Dimensions 250 × 465 × 600 mm
Cabinet Width

300 mm

Loading Capacity

25 kg



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